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Document Review and Production Platforms in the Boutique Law Firm Environment

On August 23, 2012 Michelle A. Maratto spoke upon invitation to Thomson Reuter's meeting for its Eastern Region reps about the importance of integrating technology (specifically document review and production platforms) within the boutique law firm environment. Michelle was honored to be invited to share her knowledge with Thomson Reuter's, an important partner in Itkowitz's technology scheme. Her talk included the following items:

·Understanding the crowded climate that today’s boutique firm is operating in.

·Connecting the dots – why technology provides better more economical client service.

·Tech venders as partners and consultants who help a small firm reach its goals.

·“E-Discovery”= Discovery.

·Tangential and creative benefits of investing in a doc review platform -- the paperless office.

·Changing the culture of a firm to best optimize a technology acquisition.

·Integration, consultants and outsourcing.

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