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Five-Part, 12 Hour Continuing Legal Education Program on Landlord and Tenant Law

This program was taken down by Lawline in 2014, after it had been seen by approximately 10,000 people.  But never fear, Michelle and Jay did a new and better series of shows for Lawline.

The praise just keeps rolling in for the comprehensive five-part, 12 hour continuing legal education program on landlord and tenant law that Jay Itkowitz and Michelle Maratto filmed in May 2008 for

Course: An Intro to Residential Landlord and Tenant Law
Jun 22, 2012helpful basics to handling a residential landlord tenant case (Avraham S., NY)
Jun 17, 2012Welcome comic relief back and forth between presenters when one or the other drifted from residential to commercial or they disagreed with each other on particular points. Helped to alleviate the tedium of covering very technical subject matter. (Michael H., VA)
Jun 13, 2012Very informative - knowledgeable well prepared speakers. (paul s., NY)
Jun 6, 2012good overview. (Peter L., NY)
May 24, 2012this was a very interesting and informative seminar. ( Louis B., NY)
May 2, 2012well done. (George D., TX )
Apr 27, 2012Ms. Maratto had an easy presentation style; she honed in on highlighting practical tips for common pitfalls faced by new or more experienced attorneys. Excellent course. (Elizabeth S., NY)
Apr 20, 2012Very thorough and very helpful (Jill P., NY)
Apr 19, 2012Both the written materials and the live presentation were very helpful in introducing the newcomer to this detail-oriented area of the law. (nora m., NY)
Apr 5, 2012very, very useful (John Michael S., NY)
Mar 7, 2012Very practical. (Joseph R., NY)
Mar 4, 2012Great (Ayhan O., NY)
Mar 3, 2012Top Notch Speakers and great materials (Rick B., NY)
Feb 18, 2012I appreciated the amount of practical/real world material. (James S., NY)
Feb 3, 2012excellent (Franklin S., NY)

Course: Issues in Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law

May 21, 2012 Good for the basics, good handouts. (Pierre S., NY)
Mar 2, 2012Very Good (Edward B., NY)

Course: Rent Stabilization and Rent Control Issues in Landlord and Tenant Law

Mar 4, 2012Great lecture. Very Informative! (Rick B., NY)

Course: Post Judgment Issues That Make All the Difference in Landlord and Tenant Law

Jun 6, 2012post judgment information was beneficial. (Peter L., NY)
Apr 4, 2012This course makes clear something you might not know without taking it: In this area of the law the fat lady never sings. The coverage of attorneys fees was also very good. (Michael W., NY)

Course: Strategy & Gamesmanship Getting the Results You Want in Landlord and Tenant Law

Jun 20, 2012This team is great to watch; they impart a great combination of black letter law and personal experience for a well-rounded presentation. (Elizabeth S., NY)
Apr 16, 2012The lecture was very well designed and flowed very well. It brought up issues that I honestly would never have thought of. Davida H., NY
Apr 4, 2012This is the best of the five course series with everything coming dynamically into play. Michael W., NY
Feb 20, 2012Very informative and down to earth. (John L., NY)

"All of the videos done by this pair are very informative." September 23, 2011, Jillian H. (NY)

"These are top rated practitioners whose words are accepted as authoritative and can be relied on." September 18, 2011, Mayon B. (NY)

"Excellent course." September 17, 2011, Anna F. (NY)

"Michelle Maratto was wonderful: very informative with good practical advice." - Barry (Brooklyn, NY)

"Excellent class" - Barbara (Guilderland, NY)

"informative and useful material" - Richard (Bal Harbour, FL)

"The lecturers were right on target. The written materials were so good that I will keep them in my office as reference materials." - Alan (fair lawn, NJ)

"A clear presentation accompanied by excellent materials." - Carrie (Merion Station, PA)

"A good class. As comprehensive as you could expect in a short time" - Jonathan (NY, NY)

"I loved the discussion of service of process" - Adam (New York, NY)

"excellent course" - Henry (Washington, DC)

"Very knowledgeable presenters." - Michael (New York, NY)

"This was a very well organized presentation, and it provided a lot of substantive, practical information. Of the NY State bundled courses, this was my favorite, so far." - Janet Schiller (Irvington, NY)

"Subject matter is very complex, but presented very well." - Owen (Glen Cove, NY)

"I enjoyed this seminar more than the other eight hours. The speakers were relaxed together, and seemed more at ease with the presentation." - Cheryl (Gallatin, TN)

"excellent" - Zoltan (Westwood, NJ)

"Very good speakers" - Frank (Ridgewood, NJ)


"thank you" - Stephen (clifton park, NY)

"Excellent, comprehensive course." - Wil (Freeport, NY)

"Well presented, knowledgeable speakers." - Colleen (Huntington, NY)

"It was well presented." - Albert (Wayne, NJ)

"Very informative and useful" - George (New York, NY)

"very useful presentation" - Benjamin (New York, NY)

"A lot of information pertaining to the landlord and tenant law." - Mark (New York, NY) 

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